EU Norwegian Fjords

Norway , really is best seen from the water - sail these incredible, narrow waterways carved into Norway’s rugged coast, you’ll experience uncanny peace and tranquillity and witness astonishing scenery that can’t be matched anywhere else on earth. With every meander you’ll discover stunning sights, from soaring snow-capped mountains and cascading waterfalls to lush-green rolling hills and shoreline villages seemingly hidden from the rest of the world. Its spectacular scenery and long coastlines make this a hugely popular cruise destination. How else would one experience the splendour of Geirangerfjord, the majesty of the Hardangerjord or the magnificent Sognefjord.

Nowhere are there fjords to match the grandeur of those in Norway, where the deceptively clear water reflects the mountains like a mirror. Immerse yourself in the Norwegian culture by visiting the various museums and exhibits depicting life in Norway. Here, the people are friendly, flowers are abundant, and the sun shines at midnight, so you can savour it all.

Cruise types

The majority of cruises range from five to 14 nights or longer, and give guests the opportunity to view the amazing scenery of the Fjords as well as visit the small townships along the way, to experience rural and coastal Norwegian life. Longer cruises go further north or combine visits to Iceland and Greenland.

Cruise seasons
Generally, the cruise season here is between May and September to take advantage of the long northern summer days, and the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Some local cruise lines offer year round cruising.

Main Ports

Cruises to the Norwegian Fjords commence from the UK ports of Dover, Southampton, Newcastle, Liverpool, Belfast, Rosyth and Greenock. Some cruise leave from Copenhagen and Amsterdam


Weather during the cruise season is mild to warm and the days are long and generally sunny. However in this latitude weather can change quickly and passengers should take note of the cruise line’s advice on what clothes to take.

Photo Credit: John Simos
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